Sunday, November 26, 2017

I am outraged by the attack on a Mosque in Egypt. It essentially left an entire village of widows and children.

I am even more outraged by the "News" coverage. I just read a lenghthy article about "was it Militants or Terrorists".

Baloney. If families were terrified, it is terrorism. That includes the maniac driving down the sidewalk in New York City and the shooter in Las Vegas. They are all Terrorists and should be treated as sociopaths.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

An Open Letter to Microsoft

You have the most interesting marketing it has been my experience to deal with. You get a stable OS (XP) and you stop supporting in favor of a highly buggy and unreliable Windows 8.1. Meanwhile, you are working on Windows 10 (what happened to 9?) it works OK until your computer refuses to boot and you have to go back to factory settings losing all your downloads and apps.

The most interesting part of this is you introduce OneDrive. So at least I didn't lose all of my documents. Now your marketing department has decided to cut the OneDrive in half while Google Drive, Dropbox, Box are all adding space.

And you sit there and scratch your heads ..
"Gee Whillikers why are people totally angry at Microsoft?"
"Why aren't people replacing their stable Windows 7?"

I think the real question is: Why does anybody at Microsoft still have a job?

Oh yeah .. I wrote this blog using the new featureless Microsoft Edge .. and Blogger gave me the message: The browser we detected is unsupported and may result in unexpected behavior.
Please choose from our list of supported browsers for the best experience.

Thanks again Microsoft for another lousy computer experience.

Saturday, October 24, 2015


As if we aren't inundated with enough spurious nonsense, what is it with the surveys. Almost everything I do requests a survey after I have had a successful transaction of some kind.
  • Yes i bought Doggie Poop Bags
  • Yes I am happy with my purchase
  • My hand remains clean
  • The poop gets tossed
  • The salesperson rang out my puchase with the same stupor he has for every customer

Seriously. I am in the store for 2 minutes, and spend twenty minutes telling some machine how great the experience was.  What a PIMA (Pain In My A**). If the bags leaked, or there weren't 25 bags in a roll, or if the salesperson was actively an idiot, believe me, you would hear from me. I really don't want to or care to share about every purchase I make.

Are you listening

Sunday, January 25, 2015

At the end of each Chuck Lorre episode, there flashes a so-called Vanity Card It is mostly drivel ..  just the thoughts that came pouring out. And since Chuck is a funny guy, they are usually funny .. though sometimes very dark. He has decided it is a chore to do those cards, so I find myself moved to pick it up.

Vanity Card #1

I saw a great ad on TV last night. KFC poked a little fun at store-bought roast chicken. Mom and Dad are about to cut into yet another plastic container of chicken and they look around the room. A kid is stomping around in a space suit made of discarded chicken containers. There's a plant hanging from the ceiling in a discarded chicken container. They move aside a dining room centerpiece made of discarded chicken containers and put a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken. The reason I found this ad notable, is it is the first ad that I can recall scanning backward to see over again. it took my two tries to "get" the space suit. In this age of super repeated dull boring attack advertising, I find it refreshing that an ad can be so entertaining that it fought my senses to break through to the point where I Tivo'd back to it.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Shrimp costs have Red Lobster in hot water: Associated Press

Shrimp costs have Red Lobster in hot water: Associated Press

I know. I said no more rants. But this article from Microsoft money is just another prime example of Microsoft trying to shoot  itself in the is article about Darden restaurants. the stock symbol is nowhere to be found in the article. I wonder how much longer Microsoft is going to get away with not considering its customers. Hey, Microsoft! I am typing this on my Android tablet.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

I promised but ...

What is it with Microsoft?  I have a Hotmail account, but Microsoft decided it wasn't good enough, so they had to do a web-based Outlook. So my ELEVEN CHARACHTER password got hacked, my Hotmail account closed.

What part of New and Improved do they not understand? How is it improved that my email got hacked?

I promised no more rants, but let me set a topic for discussion: Is all the new technology really "better"? I had a recent conversation with some young folks what it would be like to explain to someone even in the 60's that most people would have a hand-held device that could make phone calls, access the world's brightest minds (and dumbest ones), make and watch movies in high definition, and store all your LP's to listen to, send audible map directions to your car, read your mail ... you get my meaning. We are really way ahead of the science fiction guys. Dick Tracy's watch? pfui .. just a Skype app (remember to turn your camera around). Those little book thingys on Star Trek? Mini disks are old technology. Tricorders? Pretty clunky when you consider the cellphone. At least they got the Bluetooth insignias right. But of course we are a long way from the year 2245 (Star date 1314.5) when the Enterprise will launch. Who knows what improvements we will have by then? Maybe we will have personal tricorder tattoos bio-engineered the diagnose and treat every thing from hemorrhoids to Alzheimer's.

I wonder how slowly we will advance with Microsoft in the vanguard?

Thursday, February 7, 2013


They are forecasting snow for this part of the world. i haven't seen anything about it being a super storm or anything ... BUT I have had warning email from my insurance company and the electric company. I'll probably get one from the town too. I am so glad that our infrastructure is so woebegone that a simple New England snow storm sends us running for the hills. (or in my case, my parents' house ... they have a generator).

Fear is a powerful motivator. My brother has found a news feed from an extreme survivalist who is predicting the fall of the dollar, gold through the roof yadda yadda.

I cannot spend my life running around collecting bags of corn and hoarding assault rifles.There is music and dancing everywhere.

Enjoy it.